Royal A-ware is a Dutch family business that has grown into one of the largest specialists in making, ripening, cutting and packing cheese. Many of their products are sold as private labels. With our Food-by-Design method we guided them through a 5-step innovation process. After formulating a clear strategy, a deep dive into the food chain and an inspiration tour through Antwerp, we started moodboading and sketching to create several concepts. FriesBlond was the most promising. A-ware is ready for that next step; proudly introducing their own A-brand on the market. That will be FriesBlond! it will be distributed via Albert Heijn.

What kind of cheese is FriesBlond? A cheese ‘Sûnder kleur’ without color. Full of fun. You can see it directly. This cheese is different! FriesBlond uses no colorings agents and E numbers. Hence that ‘blonde appearance’. More natural isn’t possible! And you will get a lot of fun in return. From the free grazing cows to the extraordinarily involved farmers. They all put their love into it. And that fun splashes from the cheese and it’s packaging.  You can see and taste it! Together with Joost la Housse, we developed the powerful logo, the illustration full of craziness and the impactful packaging. The cheese and it’s packaging did win 4 prizes at the international cheese & dairy awards at Nantwich.

Logo Design for cheese brand Friesblond

Packaging design for the different Friensblond cheeses

Girl holding Friesland cheese on a plate


Innovation in cheese


Royal A-ware