For Verkade Chocolate, Food by Design facilitated a food design thinking trajectory to come up with chocolate innovations. One of the winning concepts, among others, was a range of blended milk chocolates amplifying of the much beloved and famous Verkade milk chocolate. Melktinten is a range of milk chocolate bars with subtle variations in cacao percentages. Close to the core and fitting the brand Verkade well. The range contains three shades of milk chocolate: light milk, dark milk, and extra creamy milk. All enriched with finely chopped nuts. This project was carried out in collaboration with the Food Curators and Proud Design.

Senior Brand manager Verkade chocolate, Milou de Sain “Working with Food By design was very inspiring! They really understand the brand & categories and elevated the innovation standards by enriching the process with experts in the field, like adding an inspiring food session with Angélique Schmeinck and co-creation with Jurgen Koens.”

Verkade Melktinten range, Lichte Melk, Donkere Melk en Extra Romige Melk

Concept development Verkade Melk Tinten


Innovate chocolate fitting the Verkade brand