Veggies are stepping into the realm of sweet pastry, marking a remarkable evolution in culinary innovation. What once started as a daring experiment by pioneering pastry chefs has now transcended into the mainstream. Zeelandia asked Food By Design to illuminate this trend and create a vegetable concept aimed at inspiring more pastry chef to incorporate veggies in their pastry and dessert creations.

After extensive trend research and interviews with forward-thinking pastry chefs and bakers, we developed a trio of vegetable flavours: beetroot, pumpkin, and bell pepper. To bring these flavours and their possibilities to life, we collaborated with Anglique Schmeinck, creating three flavour graphics that ignite the magination of culinary professionals. Whether transformed into a luscious cremeux, a velvety ganache, a delightful filling, a refreshing jelly, a savoury seasoning, a glossy glaze, or seamlessly blended into dough or whipped cream, vegetables can take the spotlight or provide subtle support.

These versatile ingredients find their way into an array of sweet delights, from cakes and donuts to tartelettes, choux, and macarons. Beyond their exquisite flavours, Zeelandia veggie filling will introduce exciting textures and vibrant colours, all while enhancing the natural and health-conscious appeal of plant-based ingredients

Beetroot as a innovative veggie filling for pastry

Pumkin as a fashion flavour for veggie pastry fillings


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