Fairtrade Original Innovation Funnel

Fairtrade Original is an organisation and brand with a mission to join forces to achieve a living income for farmers. They work on this by developing fair trade chains, in which ingredients are processed locally into delicious products that find eager demand in Europe.

Fairtrade Original approached Food By Design with the question: How can we fill our innovation pipeline with flavourful products that match our brand and generate additional income for […]

Seaweed snack innovation

Mitsuba brings ‘the vibe of Asia’ to the West through their Asian snacks. All products are inspired by surprising oriental flavours and spices. Besides winning the hearts of consumers with their current range, they also want to be the innovator of the category.

Mitsuba saw a unique opportunity in the magical ingredient ‘seaweed’. Seaweed is still an unexplored food source in Europe. Mitsuba believed they could play a role in bringing this underwater […]

Premium retail concept for Simon Lévelt

Simon Lévelt is famous for its premium coffee and tea, mainly sold via their specialty stores and online webshop. But as today’s consumer expect a 360 degrees availability, the brand’s ambition was to be available in the supermarket too.

Food By Design was asked to facilitate an innovation process and translate the boutique brand into a premium and organic supermarket retail concept for the Dutch retailer Albert Heijn. The outcome of our inspirational Food Design […]

Concept development Verspakket

Bakker Barendrecht is a fruit and vegetable supplier to Albert Heijn. Food by Design has facilitated an intensive innovation trajectory in order to develop an improved concept of the fresh meal box at the fruit and vegetable department. To this end, we have thoroughly analyzed what is involved for a consumer in meal planning, shopping and cooking. These insights have been transformed into delightful new meal and […]

Pastry veggie fillings

Veggies are stepping into the realm of sweet pastry, marking a remarkable evolution in culinary innovation. What once started as a daring experiment by pioneering pastry chefs has now transcended into the mainstream. Zeelandia asked Food By Design to illuminate this trend and create a vegetable concept aimed at inspiring more pastry chef to incorporate veggies in their pastry and dessert creations.

After extensive trend research and interviews with forward-thinking pastry chefs […]

Verbufa Food Design Trend Report

Verbufa is a supplier of machines and technical solutions in food. It was their desire to connect with their (potential) clients in an earlier stage of innovation processes and to think along with them about innovative solutions to produce new food designs on a large scale.

Together with Verbufa, Food By design developed a new strategy positioning Verbufa as the first machine supplier that studies upcoming trends in order to be able to anticipate the new […]

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