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AI powered food innovation

Since we graduated as industrial designers, nothing has revolutionised innovation practice as much as AI. It can accelerate the innovation journey in unprecedented [...]

AI in food

In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revealing its limitless potential day by day, it's intriguing to consider its profound impact on [...]

Regenerative and Organic Food Branding

Most food marketing professionals feel it coming; a transformation in agriculture is going to take place. The call for a new agricultural reality [...]

Food trends 2024

Food innovation often starts with food trends. Understanding how our way of eating and producing food is changing is central in the ongoing [...]

5 tips for successful food innovation

Food innovation – the journey is as important as the end result Are you responsible for food innovation within your organization? [...]

Green Food Design Method

Sustainable innovation in food is becoming increasingly important. But how do you create impact that really matters? To approach sustainable innovation holistically, fact [...]

Food trends 2023

Every year we share 5 food trends on our blog. As a preview for the year 2023 to come. For the complete story, [...]

Food trends 2022

In this blog we share five food trends for 2022. This is a little hint of our on-going food trend work. Curious about [...]

Brand development for food start-ups

For food start-ups it is extremely important to have a convincing story that clarifies why your company is here and what promise it [...]

Supplier & customer co-innovation in food

More often customers and suppliers are working together to achieve innovation throughout the chain. In food, too, we see retailers and food producers [...]

Food trends 2021

In this blog we share five food trends for 2021. This is a little hint of our on-going food trend work. A foretaste. [...]

Remote brainstorm workshops

Many innovation or brand positioning projects start with live ideation or brainstorm sessions. Today, in corona times, this is not viable. Therefore, we [...]

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