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Formula positioning

A compelling brand positioning is vital to your food business. Whether you are small or big, established or in start-up phase, brand equity is the guiding light for everything you do and the basis of each sense & sensorics consumers experience with your brand. At Food by Design we have helped many food brands and retailer formulas to target the ultimate “hungry” consumer and to stand out from competition with a clear, authentic and meaningful proposition.

As design thinkers, we have our unique approach envisioning intrinsic human needs, the future in food and the legacy your brand can and will leave. We strive to create meaningful food brands and believe in the power of imagination and co–creation. As such, we have developed our own Food by Design positioning model and methodology that is based on five principles we love to share with you:

#1 Outside-in and inside-out
#2 Bulls-eye targeting with our food type model
#3 Food with a mission
#4 Integrated visual and word thinking
#5 From positioning to story

Read more about our Food by Design positioning model on our blog.

Food type style model

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