Henri Willig is a cheesemaker in Friesland, The Netherlands. Next to the Henri Willig brand the company owns the 100% organic brand Hooidammer which is mainly sold via organic retailers in the Netherlands and Germany.

Food By Design was asked to develop a more contemporary and purposeful positioning for the brand. Therefore we embarked on a design driven positioning journey. We talked to the founders, the current owners, we visited farmers and created a revived brand story in words and images. The new Hooidammer brand goes beyond organic. It is about a dedication to a more biodiverse, vivid meadow that will result in a rich, layered cheese flavour. The positioning can be summarized as; Full of life, full of flavour.

In line with his new positioning we teamed up with Joost Identities to create a new logo and packaging design. We made various illustrations that visualize the rich, buzzing life around the organic farms of Hooidammer.

Hooidammer Cheese Bio

Repositioning Hooidammer packaging

Repositioning Hooidammer Logo

Old & new logo


Reposition the organic cheese brand Hooidammer


Kaasmakerij Henri Willig