A compelling brand positioning is vital to your food business. Whether you are small or big, established or in start-up phase, brand equity is the guiding light for everything you do and the basis of each sense & sensorics consumers experience with your brand. At Food by Design we have helped many food brands and retail formulas to target the ultimate “hungry” consumer and to stand out from competition with a clear, authentic and meaningful proposition.

As design thinkers, we have our unique approach envisioning intrinsic human needs, the future in food and the legacy your brand can and will leave. We strive to create meaningful food brands and believe in the power of imagination and co – creation. As such, we have developed our own Food by Design positioning model and methodology that is based on five principles we love to share with you:

#1 Outside-in and inside-out

A strong brand connects the DNA of a brand with its surrounding world, now and tomorrow. That’s why in our food brand & formula positioning work we bring the inner world of a food brand (roots, character, values, DNA) and the outer world (human motivations, competitive context and food trends) together. To do so we dive deep into the brand origin. How did it start? What are root strengths, values and benefits that made the brand special? We also research the food chain to learn about the way it is grown and made. On the other side we immerse ourselves in the outside world of human behavior, desires and tensions related to food. We study direct and potential competition, the brands and businesses that target the same bellies. We watch carefully the trends in food, retail, foodservice and agriculture. From new upcoming flavours to high tech retail solutions and the transition to more sustainable eating. We travel and taste the world, from Berlin to Shanghai and from local market vendors to 3-star restaurants.

imagination of the Inner and outer brand world

Outside-in & inside-out

#2 Bulls-eye targeting with our food type model

Successful brands connect emotionally with a certain target group and their needs. There is almost no world so rich in desires, attitudes and aspirations of the people consuming it – as is the world of food and drinks. To understand consumer typologies and food needs fundamentally, we have developed our food type model. It is based on the archetype of fundamental human motivations identified by Jung. The unique thing about our food type model is that it ultimately focusses on the insights and values of consumers in relation to the way they experience, buy, prepare and eat food. We have identified 12 food archetypes varying from the food lover, the conscious, the rebel the nurturer and more.

Food type style model

Food Type model by Food by Design

#3 Food with a mission

What is your brand’s right for existence, the meaning your brand has in people’s lives? This is the most fundamental question. It seems simple, though finding the answer to the Why, the purpose of your brand may be a challenge. Yes, today many food brands have their mission and values related to health, people and earth. So, to really stand out in a world full of good-food-intentions is the new quest. And, unfortunately, we notice plenty of brands with force-fitted purposes. We call them artificial missions. We work hard with the people beyond the brands to scratch under the surface, find honest deep beliefs, real purposes and authentic motivations to fundamentally and consciously contribute through their brand, their soul and no surprise, their food.

Food with a mission

Finding the WHY of your food brand business

#4 Integrated visual and verbal thinking

A brand is imaginary, consisting of multiple sense associations and with its own identity. As design thinkers in food we believe that words and images work together powerful in your journey of finding the spot-on brand positioning and personality. Words talk different than images. They complement each other. Finding the right images is more than a first hit image-search on Google. It is about collecting over time, making great combinations that create new perspectives, shaping, toning colours, creating the right appetite and choosing the precise style of photography or illustrations. Next to that the unique words should be integrated to a holistic new brand impression. In food brand and formula positioning it is crucial to be sharp and catchy in the words used. Our methodology enables to exceed a level of generic words like ‘quality, delicious and healthy.’ It empowers food marketing professionals with a tantalizing food idiom right from the beginning.

Integrated visual and word thinking in moodboards

Combining words and images to find the spot-on brand positioning and personality

#5 From positioning to story

Real food comes with a story. And so, does the brand. Whether it is the founder’s narrative, a personal experiences, a vision, philosophy, myth, fairy tale or a remarkable detail about the food’s origin. Stories give more impact and depth to your brand. In an early stage we translate ‘dull’ positioning models in to lively written brand manifesto’s and moodboards that tickle the imagination and pave the way to the future!

Logo losse tea legends

Real food comes with a story

# One-day workshop

Do you like to position your food brand more meaningful, insightful and aspirational? You might consider our one-day food brand & formula positioning workshop. We will lead you through an inspirational and highly effective five-step program with a group of your (marketing) colleagues. Afterwards we will help you crafting the positioning into the precise catchy and foody words and images and can help you with a brand manifesto.

We have re-positioned and created many small and big brands in food like La Place, Hooidammer, Mitsuba, Leev, Heineken the Sub, AH Biologisch, Karvan Cevitam, Venco, Blue Band, Hete Peper catering, Deli2go, Friesblond, The Jelly Bean Factory, Brinta, Breyers, Mediteraneo, Legends, Wrapinez, Stroese Dame  etc.

Are you interested in our approach? Feel free to contact Marleen of Marielle.