Bakker Barendrecht is a fruit and vegetable supplier to Albert Heijn. Food by Design has facilitated an intensive innovation trajectory in order to develop an improved concept of the fresh meal box at the fruit and vegetable department. To this end, we have thoroughly analyzed what is involved for a consumer in meal planning, shopping and cooking. These insights have been transformed into delightful new meal and soup options, a cardboard box shaped like a crate, and recommendations for enhancing graphic packaging design. As a result, cooking with an abundance of fresh vegetables is now achievable for everyone! This concept stands out as one of the most influential innovations of the past decade.

Detail of the packaging of the Albert Heijn Verspakket

Example of the Albert Heijn Verpakket

 Detail of packaging Albert Heijn Verspakket

Concept development Verspakket by Food by Design


Develop a concept for a fresh veg meal box


Bakker Barendrecht