Sustainable innovation in food is becoming increasingly important. But how do you create impact that really matters? To approach sustainable innovation holistically, fact based and creatively we have developed the ‘green Food Design Method’. Here, we connect inspiration to environmental data to substantiate new food innovations and brands that consumers will love.

Creating overview

Today, “sustainable” has become a big buzzword. It includes a lot of concepts. This is confusing for consumers and food professionals. So our method starts with first creating overview and order between causes, impacts and actions. We declutter the minds of consumers and food professionals

Word cloud Eco Food

In our approach we start with de-cluttering the minds of food professionals and consumers


The big steps

Then, using environmental data, we provide insight into which ingredients and production steps roughly cause major and minor environmental impact. What are the big polluters/emitters and where you can take the biggest steps towards improvement?

Indication Eco Impact

Eco-impact (Netherlands)of 40 popular food items in terms of CO2, pollution, land usage, water usage and biodiversity



In addition to this data, we also enrich the process with a generous portion of eco-inspiration. Here we use inspiring examples to show how other brands and food companies are successfully reducing their environmental impacts and make it a part of an engaging story to win the consumers heart.


Eco-intelligence and Eco-inspiration

Our method combines eco-intelligence and eco-inspiration in a holistic way


Design for appetite

When it comes to food, it is important to realize at all times that food and drink should foremost be tasty. No matter how sustainable or healthy the proposition may be, if it is not appetizing and affordable, people will give up. Our method therefore puts “design for appetite” at the center alongside sustainability. We kick-start the thinking on how smaller eco-impacts can have great consumer appeal and appetite at the same time.

Trend presentation Eco-inspiration

With a mouthwatering presentation we connect data with eco-inspiration to open a world of green possibilities


You as a food manager can make the difference

After all the eco data and inspiration, a sea of sustainable opportunities emerges. The difficult task suddenly becomes do-able and gives food managers concrete opportunities to act upon this big issue. In our 5-step design thinking journey, most managers feel empowered to create change that is so urgently needed.


Learn More

If you are serious about sustainable food innovation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to tell you about our 5-step Green Food Design Method and what it can do for your business.

We have developed our method in collaboration with Anton Kool of Kool Planet.  Anton has more than 20 years of experience as an eco-intelligence expert.