Many innovation or brand positioning projects start with live ideation or brainstorm sessions. Today, in corona times, this is not viable. Therefore, we need to rethink our way of working in creative, marketing and innovation projects.

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You might be inclined to think that good ideas only can start when people are together and energetically sparking the room with ideas. Waiting for that brilliant Eureka moment. But is that really how it works?

As food and brand innovators we have facilitated many creative sessions. And to be honest with you, those spur-of-the-moment rays of brilliance seldomly happen. Good ideas are often the work of proper preparation. A set-up that collects existing ideas and combines them with new, fresh ones. Brought in by carefully invited external experts, an inspirational lecture or good stimulus material. And after the session these rough diamonds need polishing by defining them in an impactful and inspirational way, set them in context of a strategy and bring them a step forward by already envisioning some future appearances. A lot of work is done behind the scenes.

Besides of that. Let’s take a look at the highly creative. In general, they don’t work in groups. The writer, the music composer, the advertising creative and restaurant chef often find their inspiration and genius ideas when there are alone or at most in duo’s. This principle is an important aspect in the way we have redesigned our brainstorm session.

To get out full creativity out of remote sessions, we made a balanced mix of solitude versus togetherness, divergent versus convergent thinking and analysis versus synthesis. As always, we use design thinking aspects by fuelling participants with inspirational insights and visual creative techniques. Yet using state-of-the art digital applications.

Our remote brainstorm sessions are powered by state-of-the-art digital applications

Don’t want to slow down innovation plans? … then please read about the different workshops we offer. Please note that we always adjust these workshops to your precise needs, organization and category:

  1. Remote food ideation workshop – get fuelled by our inspirational tailored food trend inspiration, brainstorm online, generate ideas in solitude; build on each other by bringing them together and select the very best.
  2. Remote food concepting workshop – bring already existing ideas a step further into more, concrete concepts with our unique Food by Design concepting tool. Get inspired by our visual & digital image storm and fill out our proven concept format to pinpoint your future concepts.
  3. Remote Food brand positioning workshop – Find tensions, relevance, meaning and purpose for your brand by our 5-step inspirational brand positioning workshop. Connect the outside and inside world, choose your target, think in words and images and catch your positioning digitally with our Food by Design positioning model.

The good news is that these workshops are as creative in terms of output, but more efficient and faster than the traditional ones. They are also ideal for groups that work from different geographical places around the globe.

Free mini guide about organizing an online brainstorm

Would you like to organize an online brainstorm-session yourself? Then download our mini guide for free. In this mini-guide you will find our key learnings of the past year and many practical tips.


Food by Design Remote Brainstorm Workshop Mini Guide

Download our free mini guide about online brainstorming


Interested? Please contact Marleen or Marielle to organize your remote workshop.

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