For food start-ups it is extremely important to have a convincing story that clarifies why your company is here and what promise it has to change the world.

Your license to operate

This condensed yet engaging narrative should explain what you are doing differently and how it will create value. Value for investors, retailers, future business partners and consumers. In other words ‘your license to operate.’

A clear (company) brand and strong food concept are essential elements in your pitch deck to win the hearts of both consumers and stakeholders. Therefore concept and brand development for food start-ups is a key succes factor.

Brand development for food start-ups

A company brand should at first be a remarkable, compelling and catchy name. But strong brand are so much more! A powerful brand reflects your vision, mission, values and personality in an emotional engaging and a believable way. When positioned well, it will be your guiding light to the future. And so will it be for other parties embarking on your adventure.

Creating compelling food concepts

A food concept is the total of all product(s), service and brand appearances built around a central thought. Next to the brand it gives shape to products, packaging, comunication and other appearances that your company will bring forth.

Our concept model for B2C food concepts

Our concept model for B2C food concepts

Compact start-up services

At Food By Design we have developed three compact services to co-create sharp (company) brand positionings and food concepts, to enrich your unique story in order to convince other parties of your great potential.

We love startups and their entrepeneurial energy. Therefore, we did our utmost best to offer you our expertise and experience in a super concentrated way.

We can help with

  1. A Kickstart Start-up consult – ask all your questions and brainstorm about creating a great food brand and a compelling food concept. We will explore your food future together in a 2,5 hour jam session – This is an excellent start for start-ups in an early (pre-seed or even non-existent) stage.
  2. (Company) brand positioning for food start-ups – create a crystal clear vision and mission by answering the Big-3-Question of Why, How and What. Define brand values, personality, promises and your essence with our unique brand ladder model. We will do this together, in co-creation and such a compact journey will take about one month. Read more on our blog about food brand positioning. This service meets often the wishes of (pre-)seed start-ups and scale-ups.
  3. Food concept development for food start-ups – with help of our concepting models (the exact one depends on your business) we will translate customer insights into a central concept thought. This idea will be worked out into products, brand, packaging and other appearances. Together they add up to a holistic and tasteful offer that is consistent, recognizable and soulful. Suitable for start-ups in pre-seed, seed and scale-up phase.

Whether your start-up is in a B2C or B2B market, in food production, retail, ingredients, agriculture or foodservice we will tailor our approach to your question and market dynamics.

Props of paper on yellow background

Start-up thinking & Food design thinking

We love to combine Start-Up thinking with Food-Design-Thinking. When combining both innovative approaches, you will be surprised by the outcomes. When interested, we recommend reading this article called ‘Zig Zag‘ about the differences.

Create your own license-to-operate story

Curious how we can help elevate your company story and pitch deck by sharp brand positioning and an attractive food concept? …. then please give our start-up specialist Jeroen Slappendel (+31641122661) a call or email

Let's drink coffee and discuss your start-up challenge

Let’s drink coffee and discuss your start-up challenge.




Photo credits: Fab Lentz, Matt Ridley and Danielle Marinnes at Unsplash