AI powered food innovation

Since we graduated as industrial designers, nothing has revolutionised innovation practice as much as AI. It can accelerate the innovation journey in unprecedented ways, enhancing creativity and effectiveness without big investments or specific IT knowledge. It significantly complements human creativity in relatively simple, easy-to-use ways. In the world of food, the opportunities are plentiful. If [...]

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AI in food

In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revealing its limitless potential day by day, it's intriguing to consider its profound impact on our food - from our daily breakfast, shopping and planning our meals to the essence of food production and design. This exploration aims to unveil the transformative journey of AI in the [...]

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Regenerative and Organic Food Branding

Most food marketing professionals feel it coming; a transformation in agriculture is going to take place. The call for a new agricultural reality with less chemicals and fewer emissions is getting louder. As a marketer, you may not be an agricultural expert, but your role in this transition is pivotal and can significantly contribute to [...]

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Food trends 2024

Food innovation often starts with food trends. Understanding how our way of eating and producing food is changing is central in the ongoing food trend research by Food By Design. Each year, we share some food trends as a sneak peek. So here they are, our five food trends for 2024. If you're curious about [...]

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5 tips for successful food innovation

Food innovation – the journey is as important as the end result Are you responsible for food innovation within your organization? That is is no easy task at this time in which we are dealing with erratic consumer behaviour, demanding customers (retailers), critical colleagues, rapidly developing technology, limited budgets and growing demands in [...]

Green Food Design Method

Sustainable innovation in food is becoming increasingly important. But how do you create impact that really matters? To approach sustainable innovation holistically, fact based and creatively we have developed the 'green Food Design Method'. Here, we connect inspiration to environmental data to substantiate new food innovations and brands that consumers will love. Creating overview Today, [...]

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Food trends 2023

Every year we share 5 food trends on our blog. As a preview for the year 2023 to come. For the complete story, we recommend our food trend presentation, which gives a complete and structured picture of how our food and eating behaviour will change in the coming years. Food Trend #1: Eggtastic Next to [...]

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Food trends 2022

In this blog we share five food trends for 2022. This is a little hint of our on-going food trend work. Curious about the whole story tailored to your category or market, please let us know. Food trend 1 #The biological revolution After the industrial and the information revolution, we are now on the eve [...]

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Brand development for food start-ups

For food start-ups it is extremely important to have a convincing story that clarifies why your company is here and what promise it has to change the world. Your license to operate This condensed yet engaging narrative should explain what you are doing differently and how it will create value. Value for investors, retailers, future [...]

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Supplier & customer co-innovation in food

More often customers and suppliers are working together to achieve innovation throughout the chain. In food, too, we see retailers and food producers increasingly cooperate with their suppliers of products, ingredients, packaging, machines or agricultural production tools. Together you are stronger It’s obvious, together you can do and know more than alone. An important starting [...]

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