Leo Voorwinden had a dream. He wanted to create a 100% natural brand that was availabe at normal supermarkets. The brand is called Leev, which means live. We helped designing the brand into a 1-meter shelf full of 100% natural, highly innovative products, smart packaging, trendy flavours and a unique health vision based on the pillars power, rest, glow, flow en smart. After a slow start the products are now widely available in the Netherlands from number one retailer Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, eco retailers, drug stores to more trendy retailers like Marqt, Beej Benders en out of home locations. Take a further look on Leev.nu

Leev Packaging

Food storytelling booklet by Leev

Leev Packaging

Brand booklet Leev

Leev Packaging Detail


Development of a new brand, an innovative assortment and packaging design.


Leo Voorwinden/ Leev