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Wrapinez, shaping a new food restaurant formula

In an early stage we have helped Gerard Sterkenburg to develop and sharpen his entrepreneurial plan to start a new restaurant formula. We provided the start-up team with a lot of inspiration in the field of product formats, food experiences, packaging, interior ideas and the brand positioning and communication. In a sparkling ideation session the Read More >

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Friesblond, Development of a new cheese brand

Royal A-ware is a Dutch family business that has grown into one of the largest specialists in making, ripening, cutting and packing cheese. Many of their products are sold as private labels. With our Food-by-Design method we guided them through a 5-step innovation process. After formulating a clear strategy, a deep dive into the Read More >

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Concept development Verspakket

Bakker Barendrecht is a fruit and vegetable supplier to Albert Heijn. Food by Design has facilitated an intensive innovation process in order to develop an improvedconcept of the fresh, meal package at the fruit and vegetable department. To this end, we have thoroughly analyzed what is involved for a consumer in meal planning, shopping Read More >

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Mediterranean bread innovations

Boboli is a producer of Mediterranean loaves (focaccia's) and a company full of energetic, sunny people. There were many ideas for new products within the company. In order to give direction to this energy, we have guided a process with our food-by-design method to achieve strategic and sensory-stimulating innovation. Together with Boboli, we have Read More >

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Leev, development of a new brand

Leo Voorwinden had a dream. He wanted to create a 100% natural brand that was availabe at normal supermarkets. The brand is called Leev, which means live. We helped designing the brand into a 1-meter shelf full of 100% natural, highly innovative products, smart packaging, trendy flavours and a unique health vision based on Read More >

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Legends, telling teas

There is just as much to tell about tea, as there is about wine. That is why we designed the tea brand 'Legends' for Smit & Dorlas for the  restaurant channel. A tea brand that reveals the stories behind tea to the consumer. The brand name, the book-shaped packaging, the legends and the tea Read More >

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