Boboli is a producer of Mediterranean loaves (focaccia’s) and a company full of energetic, sunny people. There were many ideas for new products within the company. In order to give direction to this energy, we have guided a process with our food-by-design method to achieve strategic and sensory-stimulating innovation. Together with Boboli, we have come up with four new food innovation platforms, responding to today’s food trends:

Puro – Handmade desem focaccia with a pure recipe based on water, flour, sourdough, olive oil and salt. Minimal toppings and packaging.  

Veggie focaccia’s – Colorful vegetable loaves with pumpkin, beetroot, kale and cauliflower. Small in size, quick to prepare in the toaster and suitable for a healthy lifestyle. Awarded with Anuga taste innovation award.

Mediterraneo – A range of colorful Mediterranean breads. From a Turkish pide with minced meat, spinach and feta to a French Baton with brie, mushrooms and thyme.

Festivo – A range of wreath focaccia’s with a complimented dip. Ideal for a party to share with friends and family.

Bread in Packaging

Veggie Focaccia's on shelf

Arabic Flatbread

Sketch food innovation for Boboli


Development of a innovation strategy and
new bread concepts