Marielle Bordewijk and colleague Silvia Naber were interviewed for Flow magazine about the rise of trends in syrups. Previously, syrup was a typical product focused on childeren, which has recently changed considerably. What are the underlying reasons, trends and innovation opportunities in syrups?

Less sweet syrups

By determining how much syrup you put into your glass, you have control over how sweet your beverage is. In a time when we avoid or reduce sugar, this is a welcome product feature that will remain relevant within the coming period.

More sustainable options

Actually, it is amazing how we move millions of liters of ready-to-drink lemonade and soft drinks every year, while the vast constituent is water. That costs a lot of energy, which you save if you go for a concentrated syrup. In the coming years, we are becoming increasingly aware of the eco-impact on our food and drinks. Syrup can therefore contribute in a positive way.

Syrups To Go

Because of its concentrated shape, syrup packaging can be small and therefore easy to carry. More and more often we see to-go bottles of bag size. On the Anuga food fair, we ran into a real micro-drink. This is actually a syrup in dried form. A small tablet of herbs, spices and fruits. Beautifully packaged and very easy to carry with its small size.

Adult flavours

Now that syrup is maturing, we also see an adultification of taste varieties. Flavours with herbs, spices, tea and coffee are increasingly popular. Even syrups based on vegetables have already been spotted, such as cucumber with mint and spicy pumpkin. In addition, we see the trend in syrup of fermentation also nest in the  category.

In short, we anticipate a great future for syrups. Both in supermarkets, to-go outlets and restaurants. The accents may differ, but they will help the consumer to offer a healthier and more sustainable choice. That is why we see this as a great innovation opportunity to build future concepts. So if you have plans to innovate in syrup, or other types of drinks. Let us know! We are happy to help you with our food-by-design innovation method.