Mediterranean bread innovations

Boboli is a producer of Mediterranean loaves (focaccia's) and a company full of energetic, sunny people. There were many ideas for new products within the company. In order to give direction to this energy, we have guided a process with our food-by-design method to achieve strategic and sensory-stimulating innovation. Together with Boboli, we have [...]

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New brand Little Cow & Cookies

Welcome Litte Cow & Cookies! A new ice cream brand of the start-up 'The Organic Jersey Company'. It was a great adventure to embark on this food design journey and create this new brand and delicious ice cream with such a dedicated team. We helped creating the brand name, positioning, product concept and flavour [...]

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Legends, telling teas

There is just as much to tell about tea, as there is about wine. That is why we designed the tea brand 'Legends' for Smit & Dorlas for the  restaurant channel. A tea brand that reveals the stories behind tea to the consumer. The brand name, the book-shaped packaging, the legends and the tea [...]

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Verkade Melktinten

For Verkade Chocolate, Food by Design facilitated a food design thinking trajectory to come up with chocolate innovations. One of the winning concepts, among others, was a range of blended milk chocolates amplifying of the much beloved and famous Verkade milk chocolate. Melktinten is a range of milk chocolate bars with subtle variations in [...]

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