Corona is speeding up digitalization in food. The virus also exposes the vulnerability of food companies in the food service industry. Not surprising, that many companies are reconsidering their sales channels and business models to get more out of their food brand and business. The ultimate moment for channel innovation!


1) Offline > online swap

Make your food brand digital proof

Corona causes a digital acceleration in the purchase of food and drinks online. We believe this will have permanent implications. It is therefore wise to transform your brand and business to the digital world, because it will be a long-term investment too. Whether it concerns your own digital restaurant, web shop, presence in someone else’s shop, meal subscription or online community; the digital environment requires different specifications.

From user-friendly e-commerce platforms, impactful on-line communication, creation of communities, digital packaging design or logistics. It’s is all different from bricks and mortar business but crucial for the future of your food brand. To help you make this transformation fast, we created a multi disciplinary digital food team. Read more about the team at the end of this article.



2) Foodservice > supermarket swap

Make your food service brand retail proof.

Whether you have a restaurant or are food service supplier. Suddenly your sales have dropped sharply. Time to make your food concept suitable for retail as well. Not just for the urgency of these weeks, but as a balanced portfolio strategy for the future. We have a proven track record in the development of retail brands, concepts and products. Please take a look at our previous work like Albert heijn Verspakket and cheese brand Friesblond.



One-stop service

Stop searching, our team of food experts is ready to realize your channel swap

Usually it’s a hassle to find the right experts and agencies who can solve part of the puzzle. Because that time is not here right now, we have developed a one-stop service for your channel swap. We have put together a team of food experts in branding, innovation, supply chain, retailing, packaging, food styling, photography, online web(hop)design and online communication. This way we can realize your channel swap in a short time and at limited cost.

We have experts in the field of:

  • Online & retail Branding
  • Product & concept innovation
  • E-commerce
  • Web design
  • Online communication incl social media
  • Food styling & photography
  • Graphic & packaging designers
  • Sales strategy
  • Logistics

If wou would like to brainstorm about a smart channel strategy and business model for your food business. Please contact us.

Photo credits: unsplash