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West Coast food trends

This year we traveled to the West Coast of America for our yearly shot of food inspiration and interesting food trends. In this blog we share some of our key insights on how food and eating are evolving in food minded Seattle and San Francisco. Food trend #1 Informal, high Q eateries Top class chefs Read More >

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Food Brand & Formula positioning

A compelling brand positioning is vital to your food business. Whether you are small or big, established or in start-up phase, brand equity is the guiding light for everything you do and the basis of each sense & sensorics consumers experience with your brand. At Food by Design we have helped many food brands and Read More >

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The Food by Design innovation method

Designers and marketeers Marleen Zaalberg and Marielle Bordewijk joined forces in early 2017. Together they created the fresh and powerful Food by Design method. We use design thinking to help food and drink brands unlock their full creative potential. Our innovation methodology combines a tried and tested strategic framework with multi-sensory creative techniques to Read More >

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Trends in Syrups

Marielle Bordewijk and colleague Silvia Naber were interviewed for Flow magazine about the rise of trends in syrups. Previously, syrup was a typical product focused on childeren, which has recently changed considerably. What are the underlying reasons, trends and innovation opportunities in syrups? Less sweet syrups By determining how much syrup you put into Read More >

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