What are the Healthy Drinking trends for 2019 and what are we going to drink next year? Tree drinks that have the potential to break through. They are healthy alternatives to coffee, soft drinks and wine.

1. Turmeric latte

In America, England and Australia, this hot, yellow-golden drink is increasingly being drunk instead of coffee. According to Google, the search term ‘turmeric latte’ was even the fastest rising food star in the search engine. The turmeric or yellow-root milk translated into Dutch is decaffeinated but has pit. The spice is a true miracle root that is attributed to many medicinal properties in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. The golden yellow drink is easy to make at home. Heat milk in a pan on the fire, and stir in crushed turmeric. A touch of black pepper would completely release the healing powers. Warm, slightly foamed and with a dash of maple syrup, it is a nice way to drink bakkie that is more satiating than tea and is more mature than chocolate milk. Many coffee shops on the other side of the ocean already have her on the map. It is a question of waiting until this golden lady makes her entry into the Netherlands.

Turmeric Latte on a white background

2. Bamboewater

Plant waters are hot! The sugared soft drinks have a check on the low-calorie newcomers. We saw coconut water, birch water and infusions of fruit and herbs already make their appearance. Now it is whispered that bamboo can become the new success number. Bamboo water is made by pulling the bamboo leaves and then allowing this ‘tea’ to cool. It has a slightly sweet aftertaste with fresh green notes and is therefore an effective thirst quencher. The water lends itself well to flavor combinations with citrus, ginger and mint. Bamboo is one of the largest sources of silica, a mineral that would benefit the health of skin, hair and nails. But whether we still believe in that, now that the ‘New Sobriety’ is coming into being, is the question. Does not take away that this water is drinking away!

A bottle of Sibberi Bamboo water

Bamboo water as an alternative to soft drinks

3. Grand Pu’er

Drinking seems to be the new smoking. The criticism of alcohol is on the increase. If in the seventies we could not imagine that the cigarette would be banned, we can not and do not want to imagine that alcohol is in the dark. But the movement has started, so it’s time to reflect on beautiful non-alcoholic drinks that add to the dignity of the dishes of a lavish dinner. Designer Nina Rosens has the ambition to create a line of complex, layered drinks that are suitable for food pairing such as wine. The base forms high-quality teas with a rich terroir. Especially not sweet and supplemented with spices, herbs and a touch of fruit. The range has a variety of colors, just like wine; from fresh yellow-green, cheerful rosé to deep red. And combines similar to dishes. For example, the yellow-white blend based on green tea will bring poultry and fish to life. While the mature, dark red sister, made of pu’er tea likes to dance with beef and game. Names as grand pu’er, the taste description, the glass bottle, the label and pouring flirt with the idiom and rituals around wine. Of course, the conservative wine drinker does not want to know yet, but innovative drinkers understand that every now and then a corridor with a good glass of alcohol free is not that bad. The grand pu’er can already be ordered at restaurant Rijks. In short, the spirit is out of the bottle and there is an era in which we are going to experiment fully with tasty alternatives to wine, beer and cider.

A complex, layered beverage based on tea as an alternative to wine